High Fashion You Can Wear on Your Nails?

A high fashion runway is something you either love or hate. For some, the looks can be captivating and inspiring in that “How did they even think of that?” kind of way. But for others, the clothes can simply look like the aftermath of a closet explosion that somehow found its way onto the body of a model, a look that is seemingly impossible to relate to. Self-taught nail guru Miss Ladyfinger challenges the latter by translating these intricate looks into pretty manicures, with step-by-step instructions on how to achieve them yourself.

Inspired by patterns, colors, and textures of designer clothes hot off the runway, magazine spreads, and the occasional designer collaboration,  Miss Ladyfinger grabs her collection of over 200 different types of polish, nail art brushes and toothpicks, and gets to work. And there’s no need for you to run out to the nearest Chanel makeup counter to buy a whole new set of polish to try these manicures out--because you were totally about to do that, right? The self-taught nail artist uses a variety of polish brands and still gets the same outstanding results.

Though clearly most of the manicures featured on her blog require a ton of patience and a steady hand (both of which I happen to have none of), there’s something captivating about seeing what Miss Ladyfinger can do with a bottle of polish and a touch of creativity. Peep some of her work, below:


Follow Miss Ladyfinger on Tumblr for more marvelous manicures, and if you're the 100,000th follower, you'll receive NCLA tie dye nail wraps courtesy of the nail guru herself.

Images courtesy of Miss Ladyfinger

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