Hide Your Lady Parts from Airport Security


I’m going on vacation next week and as much as I’m dreading the six hour flight and having to deal with airport security, I haven’t given much thought to the possible embarrassment I might endure should I be randomly selected to go through an x-ray scanner. 

Guess I better remember to pack some pasties!

Made of the “highest quality of rubber,” Flying Pasties are “designed to obscure the most private parts of the human body when entering full body airport scanners” (see promotional video below). 

According to the FAQ on their Web site, the pasties can be applied two ways: right on your nips and vadge or with a hook inside or outside your undergarments. Either way, the company assures that they’re easy to remove.

“Whenever your airport screener questions you about your Flying Pasties, simply remove them and present it to them,” a company spokesperson states. “The security personnel are there for your protection and we mustn't forget that."

Call me crazy, but as much as I'd prefer not to have strangers see me naked, having to reach into my underwear, pull off these pasties, then hand them to a stranger doesn't sound like a much better alternative. 

Currently there are four generic designs available on their Web site starting at $16.99, including one that reads: “Only my boyfriend sees me naked.” New styles will be arriving daily. 

So how exactly do these ever-so stylish rubber pasties block x-rays? 

Ummm...that’s not really explained. Though, the company does warn customers that they don’t protect you from “the strong forces of radiation” full body scanners emit. 

Ok terrorists, you've won. 

I’m curious, are there any ladies out there who feel like these airport x-ray machines are a huge invasion of privacy? Would any of you actually wear these pasties? 


[Image: FlyingPasties.com]

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