Hey Girl, I Bet You Thought This Meme Would Fade Away

I think I can say with almost 100% certainty that most of us have seen and loved the many incarnations of the “Hey Girl” Ryan Gosling meme. From the original Feminist Ryan Gosling to Sex Radical Ryan Gosling, us Internet-dwellers have looked to Ryan's face for deep and meaningful social commentary (and eye candy, of course).

But now the “Hey Girl” meme has evolved away from Ryan's chiseled cheekbones to other familiar faces. As a lady who is very interested in politics, I was ecstatic to discover Hey Girl, It's Rachel Maddow. This fun and politically savvy blog lets queer ladies - and anyone else who loves Dr. M, for that matter - in on the fun.



What makes this meme 10 times better is that these are things that Maddow could conceivably say; although we all love Gosling, let's be real. It’s Maddow who spends much of her time fighting for and reporting on women’s rights – in fact, it’s part of her job.



Speaking of people who make it their job to deal with women’s issues, another “Hey Girl” meme has popped up – but it focuses on someone very, very different from Rachel Maddow. Yup, Rick Santorum, former Senator of Pennsylvania and candidate for the Republican nomination for president, is trying his hand at the Feminist Ryan Gosling thing. BUSTies, I present to you: Fuck No Rick Santorum.



Though I'm personally torn between terror and Nancy Pelosi's thoughts on the subject of him possibly being the Republican candidate for president (the "don't move a muscle" approach), I love this meme. As Santorum surges in popularity with the GOP, spewing racist, sexist, homophobic, and downright stupid shit, it is nice to be able to try and make a joke out of it. And boy, is it a funny joke.



Any other memes circulating around the internets that y'all are loving right now? High praise for Rachel Maddow? Dirty Rick Santorum jokes? Sound off!

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