Hey Girl, Got Affordable Health Care?

It’s a statistically unconfirmed fact that 96.27% of all women are Ryan Gosling fans, and while some you might like him for his acting chops or his wonderfully sculpted chin, I’m personally a huge fan of the Ryan Gosling who’s spawned dozens of hilarious memes on Tumblr. From the classic Feminist Ryan Gosling and Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling to the more obscure Hey Girl, I Heart NPR (me too, Ryan, me too!), one can nearly always be sure that seeing Ryan’s scruffy face pop on a Tumblr dashboard will result in a smile.


The latest in the series is the Hey Girl Affordable Health Care Tumblr, created by the HuffPost Women team in response to the Supreme Court’s recent decision to uphold President Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act. For those who feel guilty about their meme-loving habits or who think meme culture is just silly, you can convince yourself that you’re learning something new about our nation’s tricky legal system and newly enacted healthcare laws. If you’re a fan, check out the 10 Best Ryan Gosling Internet Memes from the Frisky, and scroll away!

Images Courtesy of Hey Girl Affordable Health Care

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