Her Name Is Reno

On last night's Mad Men finale, there was talk of Betty Draper taking a quick trip to Reno. Why would she go there? What would she do there? Well, if you didn't see the episode, don't read the rest of this post, as it contains a spoiler, but if you did, you should read on, as we've got the inside scoop on Betty's little trip, as well as an entire article in our upcoming issue that can tide you over until the next season of Mad Men arrives...


Back in the day, it was very difficult to get a divorce in most states. However, in Reno, the rules were different. As a result, many couples who wanted quickie divorces traveled there. Many of them were women, who would stay at ranches especially set up for this purpose, where they could hang for 6 weeks until their divorce was final. Known as "Divorce Ranches," and populated with awfully nice cowboys to entertain the ladies while they passed the time, there were a lot more activities to engage in than just a couple of rounds of Canasta around the pool, if you know what I mean. The story of  these divorce ranches is lost to history, but not to BUST readers. In our new issue, appearing on newsstands and in subscribers' mail boxes at the end of November, we have a long story about just how and why these places operated. If you want to know what Betty might be doing for the next few months, pick up a copy, or better yet, subscribe now.


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