Help the Environment with Grow-A-Note Cards

Earth Day is coming up soon, y’all! On April 22 (this weekend), it’s time to kick our environmental awareness into overdrive and focus on improving our sustainability and natural environment.

This can seem like a daunting task to some, but it’s really not – there are lots of surprisingly little things you can do to reduce any harmful environmental impact: carry a reusable tote bag instead of paper or plastic ones when shopping, use a refillable stainless steel water bottle instead of countless plastic ones, and be sure to toss anything recyclable in the appropriate recycling bin.

Another easy – and adorable – way to promote sustainability would be the use of Grow-A-Note greeting cards, manufactured by the Green Field Paper Company. These greeting cards are made out of organic and recycled materials and have little seeds in them so once you’re done with it, instead of throwing it away, you can plant it into the ground. You can literally stick these greeting cards into the ground and have some noninvasive wildflowers grow from it.

Pretty rad, am I right? And the cards are all totally cute, take a look at some here:

Also available are Grow-A-Note plantable sheets and gift holders. Go crazy, and have a happy, sustainable Earth Day!

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