Help my friends Grandma/Avon Lady and get homemade jam!

I received this precious email from a friend of mine. Her grandma has been an Avon Lady for almost 34 years now and needs just a few more orders to make “Presidents’ Club”. Jessica is hoping her friends can help. I am a broke joke but maybe some of you BUST-ies need some beauty prods. Her grandma sent this precious letter where she makes big promises! 


You read it right, she will make you strawberry jam! I took out the number cause I didn't want any craz-os pranking this sweet jam-maker. Jessica made a website for her here. You can email her for the jam avonhilda@comcast.net. Make sure you give her credit for the sale when you order, she is Moats, FL. This is like a slightly more adult Girl Scout Cookie situation. 




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