Help an artist out.

Candacy Taylor, the artist behind the fabulous story “Dishing It Out” in the February/March ’08 issue of BUST, needs your help!

Like a lot of us, Candacy didn’t have health insurance, and on February 19th she had to undergo emergency spinal surgery. She’s up and about, but on a cane—and hurting. Her health care costs for the next six months will be around $25,000. Did we mention no health insurance?

There is something you can do to help her, though. You can contribute to her recovery (and the creation of more woman-friendly art projects) by going to her website, www.careerwaitresses.com and making a donation. If you give $50 or more, you will receive an archival 8x10 print of your choice of one of her waitress prints, normally priced at $200.

BUST appreciates it!

*Sarah the Intern

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