Hell Hath No Fury...

 McCaskill Gets Mad!I cannot stop thinking about how pissed I am about the bonuses that all those slimy bank execs received this year. When the story first came out, they were all, 'Hey! we are so cutting costs! because we are only getting 50% of our usual bonuses this year'. But I was immediately like, wtf? You guys were greedy and made crappy deals, which has brought the entire country to its economic knees -- you should be getting NO bonuses this year! I've worked at companies before - bonuses are performance-based; you get them if you, or the entire company, does really well in a year. These guys majorly f-ed up, taxpayer money (that's YOUR money, money that you actually worked hard to earn and then had to fork over to the government who then forked it over to the banks) had to bail them out, and they're still handing out bonuses?? Pres. Obama was pissed too, but he gave them not much more than a slap on the wrist. It seems like it's gonna take some real woman to give these guys their commupance...

 as Maureen Dowd did in the NYTimes this weekend, demanding that these douchebags pay their bonuses BACK (my thought too. If all we do is call 'em out, then these bankers will be laughing at us all the way to the bank). I would love to see her idea get some traction on Capital Hill, and I know just the woman to get the job done -- Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, pictured above, who's been giving the bankers the smack-down, calling them idiots and calling for a law that would limit CEO's salaries (Hey Claire - please read Maureen's column for an even better idea). 

The whole situation makes me feel like even though everyone knows these guys fucked up, somehow their political brethren are kind of covering for them - it's like a dude thing, like how a man would cover for another man who got caught cheating. And it might just take the ladies to step in and really lay down the law, even if it means cutting some dicks off. I mean, cutting them off from from their bonuses, of course.

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