Heartbeat Radio

Norwegian super-cutie Sondre Lerche woos us with another set of sweet pop sounds and playful lyrics in Heartbeat Radio.

Norwegian-born Sondre Lerche has a doe-eyed look that makes hearts pitter-patter and a supersweet voice that could make a gal swoon. Adorability factor aside, Heartbeat Radio, Lerche’s first effort since collaborating with Regina Spektor on 2007’s Dan in Real Life soundtrack, packs a loaded punch of pop. Although some of the tracks border on bubblegum, stay tuned for more nuanced songs like “Pioneer,” which gives a nod to early Beatles. Not just a pretty face, Lerche intersperses this album with a dash of seriousness and some cleverly sarcastic lyrics. “Tell me what’s the deal with this static/FM has become automatic/I wanna know did the DJ drown,” he sings on the title track. As fall fades into winter, this album harkens back to the sunny days of summer while playfully challenging listeners to keep their wits about them.

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