Have You Heard? Girls Like Pink.
Apparently the people over at Parker Brothers think they're the hot jock in a nineties movie taking on the task of making over that nerdy, artsy girl into a hot chick.

ProductDescription.jpgScrabble has recently been transformed into a glitzy fashion statement that is, of course, covered in pink from head-to-toe. Scrabble used to be reserved for bookworms and girls who wear glasses, but now it's the Scrabble Designer Edition! It 'has style, taste and elegant accessories' and other catchy buzzwords like 'pearlescent,' 'embroidered' and 'fashionable.' Really, all this translates to is your average Scrabble game. Only this time, it's pink.

ouija.jpgEven more absurd is the pinkification of the Ouija board. All of those girls playing Wiccan didn't know what they were doing when they were trying to contact the dead and scare themselves silly. The twenty-first century (pink) edition knows what us girls really want to know with the question cards that come with the set. Don't worry, they have the really important questions included like 'who will text me next?' 'Will I be a famous actress oneday?' 'Who wishes they could trade places with me?' Now our beloved Ouija board is nothing more than a glorified fortune teller.

We get it already. Girls like pink. It doesn't mean that every product targeted at them has to resemble bubblegum.-Celeste

Photos courtesy of Toys R' Us

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