Have a Cool Yule

As much as the Holidays can sometimes suck for grown ups (the rushing, the shopping, and the hassles) I really do love Christmas, and here are at least three excellent things I can recommend to get you thru any stress and strain you may be feeling.

john waters christmas cd

1. A John Waters Christmas CD , including number one hits like Santa Claus is a Black Man , Merry Christmas Baby Jesus, and Fat Daddy. This cd gets heavy rotation in the BUST offices and has been a favorite for 4 years.

2. I know we blog about John Roberts like, once a week, but I cannot get enough of his Tree video. Pure genius. This never fails to crack me up. I'm gonna go look at my tree rignt now.

3. William S. Burroughs 'A Junkies Christmas.' They play the audio version of this on WFMU every year, and it's become a tradition to listen to it while I'm baking or cooking in the kitchen.

Honorable mentions: A Charlie Brown Christmas, all the Rankin and Bass shows. Merry Christmas everyone!

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