Has College Set You Back From Success?


Any recent college grad knows that jobs are increasingly hard to come by. Most often, the grads initially find themselves over or under-qualified for the gigs they're applying for, and to make matters worse, they're saddled with a tremendous amount of debt right off the bat. In fact, student loan debt currently tops $1 trillion here in America. Now there's a new campaign, Degrees of Separation raising awareness about the underemployment, joblessness, and poverty that affect millions of college graduates.


In 2011, 53.6% of individuals under 25 with bachelor degrees were jobless or underemployed. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 17 million of these bachelor's-degree holders are currently working jobs that require a skill set less than a college degree. The number of grads with master’s degrees who received food stamps or similar aid nearly tripled from 2007 to 2010, and the number of Ph.Ds receiving such aid rose from over 9,000 to over 33,000.



“Many have propagated a belief that a college degree is a guarantor of a successful career,” said co-founder Dr. Zakiya N. Muwwakkil, “but with reports showing millions of college graduates currently unemployment and underemployed and hundreds of thousands on government assistance – we must work to dispel that myth and find solutions to this crisis.”


Degrees of Separation is working to raise funds to produce a documentary that highlights the financial and societal issues faced by college grads today. The film's intended to help decrease the high number of jobless and underemployed grads by effecting change in the higher-education system and promoting social entrepreneurship amongst grads. It'll feature sociologists, economists, lawmakers, and graduates.


“The campaign wants to bring people together to discuss solution for all our problems with the current job market from gender to skills to entrepreneurship,” said co-founder Chrislande Dorcilus. You can donate to Degrees of Separation here, or share the cause on your favorite mode of social media.


Image credits: Degrees of Separation

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