Harlequin in the House!

phpe5RuGoPM.jpgMichelle Obama rules: she's super smart, a great mother, a strong force for great causes (support of military families and women's rights), and is totally no-fear when it comes to political involvement. Obama's got some serious celebrity, too. Most press seems concerned with her role as a domestic goddess--what is she wearing, what are the kids doing, how does her garden grow? But today's Huffington Post wonders what is Michelle Obama reading?

According to the article, romance novelist Geri Krotow hand-delivered Mrs. Obama a copy of her book, A Rendezvous to Remember , at an event at the American Embassy in Moscow. In case you don't know, Krotow's World War II romance is published by Harlequin, the iconic house of all things hot and heavy. This didn't phase Obama (neither Mrs. nor Mr.), who gratefully accepted Krotow's gift (if with some great expressions from Mr. President).

Will the First Lady read it? And, whether she does or doesn't, what will the media make of her just having it, given romance's traditionally bad, 'low culture' rep? Certainly, the public is slowly waking up to romance writing as a valid art, as well as a huge cultural force. Still, when the last First Lady's reading list publicly included Little House on the Prarie and Little Women , Obama's new page-turner creates quite a contrast. Check out the article for more details , and stay tuned to see if Michelle Obama helps America get hip to Harlequin!

~Anna C

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