Happy 25th Birthday My Little Pony!

claw moneyLast week a couple of us from the office went to a My Little Pony party! Held at the Chelsea Art Museum to 'The MY LITTLE PONY Project: 25 Ponies for 25 Years' collection and exhibiting My Little Ponies through the years. It was a total play date flashback. Remember the mermaid ponies for the bathtub! All of Hasbro's My Little Ponies were in one room with the wine and food, so that was the first stop on the party train. It is hard for me to find the words to express my love for pigs in a blanket. Also up for grubbin were mini grilled cheese, pb + js, tons of wraps, and trays circulating with seared tuna and other lil nibblets. The next room contained the '25 Ponies for 25 Years'. The ponies were created by pop culture celebs to be auctioned off by CharityFolks.com in support of Give Kids The World Village (September 18 through October 2). Peep my fav. ponies this way.


claw money pony 2

catalina estradapony

  Jim Houser

Jon BergermanJohn StamosSuper delux

 Sofia De SantiagoJunko Mizuno

 Junie MoonJulie WestBaby Fat

From Top Left to Right: 1 and 2. Claw Money, we had to include a pic with the hood up. Love the gold sneaks. 3. Catalina Estrada, This one looked like it was done with puffy paint. 4. Jim Houser (pretty foxy Philly artiest who does skate decks for Toy Machines) 5. Jon Burgerman 6. John Stamos, I ended up having a dream about John Stamos that night. He was speaking at some conference, looking all hot. Took me a minute to realize how he had infiltrated my thoughts. 7. Superdeux 8. Sofia De Santiago, this one was entirely covered in beads. The most amazing part, it was made by the contest winner who's 10 years old! 9. Junko Mizuno 10. Junie Moon with a Blythe doll! 11. Julie West 12. Kimora Lee Simmons for Baby Phat.                       

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