Hannah's Hilarious Drunk Kitchen Episodes

One day talking to her friend via web cam, Hannah Hart opened a bottle of wine and improvised a cooking show. Her friend found it so funny she suggested that Hannah share it with her friends over the Internet. And thus the webseries My Drunk Kitchen was born. 

In each episode Hannah cracks open a bottle of wine, or two, and teaches her viewing public how to make tasty dishes such as grilled cheese (but she forgot to check to make sure that she had cheese) or cookies (no baking pans). She’s made brunch (with the perfect mimosas) and meatballs (it is disconcerting to watch her handle meat while being inebriated).

In Episode #4 Not Easy, Bake Oven, Hannah tries to decipher directions to cream butter and sugar; “ I can only assume it was a typo, and they meant to say cram,” she concludes, swaying in her kitchen.

In Episode #6 Brunch? Hannah is less than impressed with her store-bought pancake mix: “To ensure maximum pancake-ability we bought some pancake mix. Egg, oil, milk… what the fuck? This is just like making pancakes from scratch!” Her voice gets high and squeaky. “They should call pancake mix ‘Flour-plus-baking powder, by the way, you’re still making pancakes from scratch, so don’t think you got out of that one, sucker.’ There’d be a bunch of hyphens.”

Somehow Hannah seems to be in a different kitchen for each episode, which only makes it more endearing to imagine her happily drinking alone in a random kitchen cooking for herself. She is adorable and her videos are totally hilarious! Watch them! Drink some wine and make yourself some cheese-less grilled cheese, and watch these hilarious how-to’s.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this video

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this video

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