Handmade Coffee Cozies, all the Rage at BUST HQ


We here at BUST run on one part fierce femininity, one part cute and one part caffeine. Needless to say that the Flapper Girl hit all the right notes when she sent us these eco-friendly, handmade coffee cozies.

The Flapper Girl, or Christine B, is an indie designer and craftster based out of Portland, OR. She specializes in handmade, vintage inspired wares.

In addition to cozies, her line includes aprons, handbags and this field of cupcakes which I don't entirely understand but enjoy nonetheless.


She has also won an instant affinity with the interns, about half of whom are also coffee-crazed oregonians like herself (thats me, native PDX-lady on the right. Liza from Upstate NY on the left)


Keep on keepin on my anachronistic flapper friend!
Make sure and visit her online store.

-Emma Onstott

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