Hammering out Breast Cancer!

Pink Tool

Forget calling the handy man or asking your uncle to fix that crack in the ceiling, founded by three women who have a passion for DIY, Tomboy Tools creates tools just for women! They have just about every tool you need to keep your house or your car in perfect condition!
If you are a little wary of tackling that blocked drain under the kitchen sink or don't know your hacksaw from your circular saw just call a Tomboy consultant and they will come over and even throw a 'tool party' for you and your friends. 'Our mission is to build confidence and empower women through education, quality tools and an independent business opportunity,' says the owner.
Usually staying clear of the color pink (for obvious female stereotyping concerns), Tomboy now embraces pink to promote breast cancer awareness. When you buy from their pink tool line they donate a percentage of those tools, year-round, to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Series.
So visit their site, buy some tools, support the fight against breast cancer and whilst yer at it fix that darn door handle: www.tomboytools.com.

Photo courtesy TomboyTools

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