Halloween Style Wars at House of Diehl's!


Calling all fashion devotees, Halloween addicts, and anyone who's a sucker for some stylin' combat: House of Diehl hosts their infamous Style Wars this Saturday! Come out to watch the live style battles that the L.A. Times called, "A touring fight-out for the fashion savvy." The show involves NYC's hottest young designers going head to head in 5-minute style wars and the winner gets a stay at the W hotel in New York. The judges are Phillip Bloch, Jules Kim (Bijules), Superstar, and Lauren Ezersky. Battlers include: Dauxilly, Chris Habana, Julie Mollo, Shauntele, Jean Remarque, and Quiet Riot Dubai. It's sure to be an outrageous night, so RSVP here.


PHOTOS COURTESY OF: newyork.metromix.com and houseofdiehl.com

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