Half-naked Men Make the Best Kitchen Assistants

Jaye P. Morgan’s video Cooking with Beefcake Too has resurfaced on the Internet and come up refreshingly relevant with today’s audiences of modern women. Who knew that women would love to watch half naked men learn to cook from an 80’s icon?

Jaye P. Morgan herself guides her chiseled apprentices through the kitchen in this mash up of VHS clips from the 1987 cooking series. The bare bottomed “Beefcake Boys” are eight scantily clad and very agreeable men who blush in-between diligently following Jaye P’s instructions and flirting back. “Oh I should have used your tongs,” Jaye P. laughs, moving some chicken in a pan to sear. “I will later.”

At first glance I thought it was Blanche Devereaux in an ingenious, previously unreleased  Golden Girls spin-off, but alas, Jaye P. is an accomplished singer who was a regular panelist on The Gong Show opposite Chuck Barris. (She was eventually fired from TGS for continually taking her top off.) 

What a sassy lady! 

[Everything is Terrible, Mouse Clubhouse]

On The Gong Show: 

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