Guest of Cindy Sherman

Guest of Cindy Sherman is a compelling documentary about a guy who falls in love with the most influential female art star of our time, Cindy Sherman, and gets lost in the relationship. It's about art fame and the seeming inadequacy of being the 'plus 1.'  Paul H-O has made both a touching boyfriend movie, and a scathing portrayal of the art world, with great footage from the 90's art scene.  
     I think like alot of people, myself included, H-O has a love/hate relationship with the art world. He exposes alot of the bullshit and it's fun to watch. There is rare footage of Sherman working in her studio, and she comes off as a pretty cool lady, fairly down to earth considering her stature. H-O caught some flak for the comment that he didn't like being the 'wife' in the relationship, but in the end, I think this is a fascinating look at what is usually a reversed situation. Unfortunately, Cindy no longer wants anything to do with the doc, too bad for those of us that would have loved to score an interview with the elusive artist. The film is playing this weekend in Woodstock, check here for more dates.

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