Grass Widow shows Internal Logic with pitch perfect summer jams

Grass Widow is perhaps one of my favorite new bands out there. Their form of girl rock evokes both nostalgic memories and daydreams of the future. The three piece all women set just released a new album entitled Internal Logic which embodies a mellowed-out riot-grrrl sound, like a road trip with your BFF in a wood panel station wagon. This album makes me want to live this summer in sun-drenched freedom. It also boasts approval from the likes of girl band goddess Tobi Vail. (Most of you probably remember her as the drummer of Bikini Kill.) In a recent interview, Vail discusses the itinerancies of the independent music biz and the politics of musicianship women face in the small scene in Brooklyn. The girls of Grass Widow will be participating in this month’s North side Festival in Williamsburg and will be performing at The Knitting Factory on June 16th with other BUST favorites The Black Belles. It’s always refreshing to see that women are taking control of their careers in the boys club that is the music industry and the fact that the gals in Grass Widow have chosen to take control of every second of their careers provides inspiration and speaks volumes about where the wide world of music is taking us.

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