Grandpa's Got Legs, and He Knows How to Use 'Em


China’s next supermodel may just be 72-year-old Liu Xianping.  He’s got the bod for the latest in miniskirts and the legs to pull them off. His cross-dressing photos have gone viral and as a result, his granddaughters’ fashion store sales have increased five fold. 



Apparently, Liu has plenty of input on his outfits and enjoys dressing up in contrasting colors.  His advice on mixing and matching teen fashion pieces was what sparked the original idea for the photo shoots, and his lean legs and sassy poses have helped him become an Internet sensation.

Liu is stoked about his new career in fashion: “We were very happy on the day of the shooting.  I am very old and all that I care about is to be happy.”  The response in China to the ad campaign has been primarily positive.  He even has been likened to Karl Lagerfield!  My bet is that his iconic aviators are a hit for spring.

Photos via dailymail.com, offbeatchina.com, guardian.co.uk

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