Got panties? Burmese embassies do.

If the summer heat's got you going commando this season, don't leave your lonely lacies in a drawer. Send them to a Burmese embassy instead.

The Panties for Peace campaign, revived this year in the wake of Cyclone Nargis, is calling for the ladies of the world to mail used underpants to their local Burmese embassies and speak out against the military regime's violation of human rights—against women in particular.

The campaign was started last year by women's organization Lanna Action for Burma as a bid to end the rape, sexual violence and other abuse used to enforce the regime's rule. It plays off the government leaders' superstition that contact with a woman's underpants robs them of their power.

And even if piles of panties don't pose a supernatural threat, they're kind of hard to ignore and sure to get a message across.

So strip off those underpants and head to a post office. You'll feel a little bit naughty but oh so good at the same time.

Intern Lysa

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