Go Go Recycled Vintage!

greenskirtimage.jpgGoGoMarj is a cool online clothing store (part of RetroWardrobe.com) that sells recycled and recreated vintage pieces. Designer Meredith Fogg takes vintage fabrics, often from scarves that she finds at estate sales, and re-purposes them into skirts, belts, headbands, and so on.

She takes these old things and makes them into versatile pieces. Her skirts have gathered waists that fit a fairly wide range of sizes (most will stretch from 20''-50'' around the waist). Fogg boasts that her items can be worn different ways year round to accommodate all different climates. She also takes vintage scarves and ties to make belts and headbands, often adding rare and old buckles, either for function or for decoration.
''For me it's like finding treasure when I go to an estate sale and find beautiful old discarded items that I can rework into a functional piece that has new life and eventually, new owners,'' Fogg said.

She told the story of finding a beat-up dishcloth with beautiful hand embroidery and turning it into an apron (pictured at left) that saved the details of the original item but gave it new life.

It's green, it's DIY and it's hip.-Liza

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