Gloria Steinem on Evil Oppressors (We're Looking at You, Rush Limbaugh)


Everyone with a brain and a heart knows that Gloria Steinem is a brilliant, confident, and powerful woman--which is why Rush Limbaugh, who clearly lacks both of these vital organs, “has been calling [Steinem] a 'feminazi' for decades,” as she put it in an awesome short video produced by Open Road Media.

“It would be interesting to know how he got that way,” Steinem said, referring to Limbaugh. “I always wonder what happened to him.  What made him think that there always has to be a hierarchy?  That people can’t be linked instead of ranked.”

This video, interestingly enough, was made before Limbaugh's latest ridiculousness: when faced with an Italian study that concluded that average penis size has decreased ten percent in the last 50 years, he blamed "feminazis" for the shrinkage.

“Air pollution, global warming has been shown to negatively impact penis size. I don’t buy this. I think it’s feminism,” he said on his radio show. “If it’s tied to the last fifty years, it has to be the feminazis.”

In the video below, Steinem explains how she discovered, through research for her book Revolution From Within, that the most infamous dictators of recent history--Hilter, Stalin, Ceaușescu, Saddam Hussein--were all victims of terrible childhood abuse. The answer to avoiding these evil oppressors, Steinem says, is to counteract abusive environments through love and women’s rights.

“If we to raise a whole generation of children without violence, what might be possible?” she asked. “To do that, you have to not overburden families with children.  You have to let women decide when and whether to have children.  Everybody has the right to be born loved and wanted.”

Check out the fabulous Ms. Steinem below:


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