GIRLS Returns to TV, Everyone Bugs Out

It’s back. Lena Dunham’s much-discussed, often-criticized, critically adored, game-changing TV series Girls will finally return to HBO this Sunday, 1/13. It’s no secret that BUST wants to make one hundred babies with Lena, but some staffers fretted that the show’s second season might not live up to the ever-growing hype surrounding it. To say we were eagerly anticipating Girls’ return is an understatement. So when the season-two screener (of the first four episodes, at least) arrived at BUST HQ, I essentially tackled a coworker to grab it. At home, I watched the episodes with the rapt attention of a cat observing a ping-pong match.

I can report that the ladies of Girls are up to their old tricks next season, and that’s meant as high praise. They’re as anxious about their futures, unsure about their places in the world, and painfully awkward as ever. (A scene in which Hannah gets rowdy at a club had me laugh-cringing with recognition.) But they’re also as hilariously acid-tongued, ready for insane adventures, and protective of each other as ever. As Lena said in a recent Today Show interview, “If you hated what we did last season, you will hate [the new season] even more.” But if you love the way Girls portrays the gorgeous and gruesome realities of life as an early-twentysomething, you’ll probably flip over the second season, just the way I did.


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