Girls at the Grindhouse

What do the sexy swamp slasher, prison flick, and biker revenge feature pictured above have in common? They're all made by women, and they're all part of a UCLA-hosted film retrospective that kicks off tonight.

No She Didn't! Women Exploitation Auteurs will highlight female-made, low-budget sexploitation flicks from the 60's through the 80's. The women who directed these films found their niche in the sexploitation market, where grindhouse movie-goers didn't care if a man or a woman was behind the camera so long as they showed some skin. The result is a batch of sassy films that are as subversive as they are satiated with gratuitous sex and violence.

As explicit as they are intelligent, campy as they are complex, these films shouldn't be missed. Besides, with the much anticipated throwback Jennifer's Body set to be released in just under a month, there couldn't be a better time to put on a female-made horror and thriller film series.

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