Girl Meets World: Cory and Topanga May Return to TV!

Boy Meets World fans out there may be in for a big surprise; rumors have been circulating about a possible sequel series to the beloved show, tentatively called Girl Meets World, which will be centered around Cory and Topanga’s preteen daughter.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that the Disney Channel has been in talks with the former series' executive producer Michael Jacob on a possible series sequel, but there is no word out yet on whether original castmates Ben Savage (Cory) and Danielle Fishel (Topanga) will revisit their roles as adults-or if William Daniels (aka Mr. "Fee-hee-hee-hee nay" Feeny) will be back as well.

Disney better not mess this one up or they will have a slew of angry BMW fans on their hands. I have my fingers crossed that some, if not all, original cast members get involved! 


Photo via TVLine.com 

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