Gifts to 'Women for Women International' Doubles in Impact




From now until October 15th, 2010, all donations made to Women for Women International will have twice their impact. The Women for Women International Leadership Circle of Washington D.C. is matching all donations made to the charity, which means that a gift of $25 becomes $50, or $75 becomes $150, or $250 becomes $500. 



Women for Women International is an organization that supports women who have survived wars, civil strife, and other violent conflicts in countries such as Afghanistan, Kosovo, Iraq, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Committed to creating lasting social and political change, they have empowered over 250,000 women, providing them with food, clean water, clothing, an education, and job skills that lead to self-sufficiency and leadership possibilities. 

To learn more about Women for Women International and this special offer, click here.  



PHOTOS COURTESY OF womenforwomen.org 


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