Gifts for Literature Lovers (That aren't books!)

When someone asks me what I want for gifts I’m often at a loss. Usually all I ever want are books, but, being a literature student and having worked in a bookstore, I also usually know more about books than whoever will be giving me the gift. It’s rare that someone is able to give me a book that I like that I also haven’t already read.

But recently I’ve discovered several literary-themed items that any book-lover would adore.

First there’s the Bedtime Stories duvet cover by Tiago da Fonseca. The story is printed in its entirety on the fabric, so you don't even need to bring your own book to bed. The first available commercial edition is printed with Grimm’s classic Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. It’s sewed in Portugal at Tires Prison Facility for Woman, where female inmates are provided with an opportunity to learn new productive and marketable skills. Based on the one time version created in 2008.

The Literary Gift Company has oodles of cool items, but my favorite is the “She is too fond of books…” tote bag, featuring Louisa M. Alcott’s famous quote:

I know my brain turned long ago.

And finally, my favorite, books as purses! Brita Bell of bbelldesigns on Etsy recycles antique (hard-cover) books to create beautiful and unique purses, and with 46 different styles/covers anyone can find one that suits their taste.

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