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folder frontConfession: I'm a serious pack-rat who is completely freaked out by disorganized clutter. I can handle, like, an artfully arranged stack of books, but stuff just sitting out willy-nilly, with no home? It slowly, quietly drives me insane. Which is problematic, see, because I'm constantly coming home with armloads of random crap that I refuse to throw away.

Certainly I'm not alone in this.

So because my living space is not that big and I really don't think 43 Folders will work for me, I'm officially making a pledge to keep stuff together...with awesome organizational tools crafted (or simply discovered) by the coolest ladies and gents.

Read on, fellow pack-rats, for a few of my faves (and check the Girl Wide Web for tons more!)...


PARIS MAP FILE FOLDERS (also pictured above) from See Jane Work
All those greeting cards and old college papers have to go somewhere, so they might as well pretend it's Paris.


HOLDALLS from Amy Rue
A sweet little home for DVDs or back issues of magazines...and way more interesting than a typical media box. (Check out the site's other wares; Amy Rue's the best.)


THOMAS PAUL DIVIDED DESK TRAY from Velocity Art And Design
With Thomas Paul as my witness, I'll never lose my keys/wallet/cell phone charger/iPod again.

[Tin Image]

Store loose change and one-inch buttons in lieu of scones and clotted cream.

Tray 2

BLACK BERRIES WOOD TRAY from Carolina Cottage
Maybe stashing my bills in this will make them seem a bit sunnier. Maybe?

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