Get yer popcorn ready for the debate!!! 9 PM tonight!!


Tonight's the night to watch the much anticipated V.P. debate, Sarah Palin versus Joe Biden, 9 PM on any major news network!! The debate is anticipated to run about an hour and a half and will be moderated by Gwen Ifill. Each candidate will be given 90 seconds to answer a question, followed by a two minute discussion. The big question is: will this debate turn Palin into a national punchline? After consistently flubbing up interviews with Katie Couric, Palin has spent the last several days in ''debate camp'' at John McCain's Arizona ranch, rehearsing and practicing with McCain's top aides. This may be the most watched vice-presidential debate in US history, so whether you're at home, in a bar, or listening to the radio while driving, tune in tonight!!

Bonus: The debate might just be the incentive Tina Fey needs for a guest appearance on SNL this weekend!

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