Get Writing!

You know what I wish people would do more (or frankly, start doing)? Letter writing. I don't know one single person who doesn't love going to their mailbox and discovering something besides bills, coupons and the occasional catalogue for Christmas decorations and the like. So when I moved out to the lovely New York City, I made a promise to myself to stay in touch with my pals back home through letter writing.

I introduce to you Sarah Neuburger, the creative gal behind The Small Object, which you can find here! Her stamps are utterly adorable, the embossed reply stickers she has for sale are darling, and her stationary drives me over the edge.

If you're not into dolling-up letters to the ones you love, check out her other craft goods and wedding toppers. I guarantee you'll spot nothing cuter all day.

Picture from The Small Object .


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