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You know those scenes in movies where something mundane is happening, and then all of a sudden a really amazing song starts playing and the main character looks up to see the hottest person ever walking towards them in slow motion? Well that's what listening to Sick Sick Sister is like.

Sick Sick Sister is a Portland based band fronted by Ruth Yoder. Their sound is hard to describe, but saying that it sounds like metal, being played by a 90s grunge band's assembly of female roadies, would be a good start. I like to describe it as being superior to anything I've heard in the past handful of years, but that's just one person's opinion (although a correct one.)

Yoder has been writing and performing as Sick Sick Sister for the past ten years, with alternating members taking on drums and bass. Currently Yoder and band mates Adrianne and Melissa are seeking distribution for their latest release, My Friend My Enemy, and planning to release an album of hidden gems from the recording studio vault in the future. My Friend My Enemy was recorded at the Rock N Roll Camp for Girls Space in Portland, where Yoder volunteers every summer.

Although each of the songs off of their album are as growly and charming as the next, the track 'Some Conclusion' stands out as a real winner. Yoder's voice, which can alternate from honey coated and sultry to animalistic and frightening from one note to the next, sings, 'If you had a meltdown, whenever you fell down, then what could we do?' Sort of a rude statement taken out of context, but the way she sings it, you just want to ask her to sing it again, and again, and again. -Kelly McClure

My Friend My Enemy can be purchased here: http://cdbaby.com/cd/sicksicksister

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