Get Ready To Die Laughing: Fred Armisen Is Penny Marshall

You should watch this hilarious promo for actress/director/producer Penny Marshall’s new (and very real) memoir, My Mother Was Nuts--but don't blame us if you break a rib laughing.

Fred Armisen dresses in drag to play the amazing Ms. Marshall (who we interview in the upcoming issue of BUST!).

This isn’t the first time Fred and Penny have teamed up to make us giggle. Marshall guest-starred in the second season of Portlandia, which Armisen co-created and co-stars in with riot grrrl legend Carrie Brownstein. In this episode, Penny played a former employee of the fictional feminist bookstore Women & Women First.

And you know who else guest starred on Portlandia in another Women & Women First sketch? Aubrey Plaza, our upcoming cover girl.

Connections, connections! I wonder if Women & Women First would carry BUST


Photo and video clips via youtube.com

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