Get Hip To Animals and Get Hip Doing It

Clock these brand-spankin' new t-shirts from the good people of PETA. The tees range from cute neon to classic blue-and-gold, with catchy slogans to spare. Frankly, they had me at Club Soda Not Seals. Gotta love a t-shirt you can pun with. And at long last I understand why so many PETA ads feature naked chicks--the poor things were just waiting for some fresh threads to come along!


These ones certainly fit the bill--not only are they adorable and spunky, but they're also super-soft, thanks to their straight-up cotton content and handmade styling from the folks at Lavish Lint (the t-shirt fashioners formerly known as Spiders and Caviar.) Homegirl Hannah and I road-tested these bad-boys at BUST headquarters, above, and we're still snuggling in them. You can trust us; we're interns. Get your animal-lovin' on and head over to PETAcatalog.org to snag a tee of your own. -Devan

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