Gaga + Beyonce = Dreams Come True Every Day

Debate is raging in the BUST office about whether or not Lady Gaga is awesome. We all agree that her look is crazy amazing, but her music leaves some of us saying 'eh,' and at least one saying that 'Paparazzi' sounds a little too much like the Berlin slow jam 'Take My Breath Away.'

I, however, am not one of these naysayers. I love all things Gaga, especially since the premiere of her epic 'Bad Romance' vid -- I have literally not watched anything else all week. PETA be damned, I'd wear that polar bear cape thing in a minute. Or those 10-inch lobster claw Alexander McQueen heels. 

Then -- word comes today that Gaga's new collaboration with Beyonce has leaked, and let me tell you, it is INCREDIBLE. I'll admit, I'm a little biased -- my Facebook religious views are 'The Holy Trinity: Madonna, Gaga, and Beyonce.' But even if you don't like the song, can you imagine the two of them just hanging out together? Recording music? Was the studio even still standing after they finished, or did it explode from the vast amount of fierce contained inside? I thought I would have a heart attack when I saw Madonna and Gaga together on SNL a few weeks ago, but this might just be enough to kill me. Forget Kanye -- how about a Gaga and Beyonce co-headlining tour? Could you handle all the no-pantsness? I know I could. Come on ladies, get on it! You've obviously got each other's digits already.

In other Knowles-related news, have you heard little sis Solange's cover of the Dirty Projectors' 'Stillness is the Move?' I think I finally understand what the term 'baby-making music' means.

And yeah, the link to the new song is from Perez. But for all his flaws, you can't deny he's got the hookup on all things Gaga. 

photo courtesy MTV

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