Funny “Backbone Zone” Campaign Teaches Students Not To Use Sexist And Homophobic Language

Name-calling has always been unfortunately common in elementary, middle, and high schools, but in recent years, people have begun to realize that it’s not just part of growing up, but a serious problem. The Backbone Zone, an anti-bullying project that “helps students find theirs,” has released a poster campaign that gives students tools to confront sexist and homophobic language when they hear and see it.


The posters juxtapose literal definitions of words with the people they hurt – for example, “This is a hoe. This is a girl who likes your boyfriend” – and reminds students that “sexist and homophobic words are violent and they’re everybody’s problem.” The posters are attention-grabbing and funny, but also have a clear message.


For more information about the Backbone Zone or to see more posters, click here. 


Images from mecasa.org/backbone.


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