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Bag Bra
This just in from the Girlie Girl Report:

"Dubbed the No! Shopping Bag Bra, this lacy red undergarment has padded cups that when removed, transform into shopping bags that can be used to carry around your groceries, laundry, or other purchases, and reduce the consumption of plastic bags in the process.  How’d ya like those melons?"

I feel like I should have cashed in on this idea a long time ago, since every time I try to eat popcorn at the movies, I end up coming home with two itchy cups full of crunch to enjoy later - but whatevs. My question is this:

You go to the store, discreetly remove your cups with that through-the-sleeve trick you learned at summer camp, and prepare to tote your turgid baguette home in your bra bag. Cool. But what's gonna keep you from looking like  Ms. Chokesondick on your victory lap once the bra is off your bod?

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