Full of beans

There are a few things that the ladies at BUST HQ have an unforgivable sweet tooth for: Babycakes, cheese (doesn't matter what kind), See's candies, and coffee...every day. We're fortunate to be in close proximity to one of the best coffee shops in town, but when one of the 'terns went out to do the usual caffeine run this morning, we were kind of panicked when we were informed that their espresso machine was down. Bollocks!

Thankfully for us, we have David Lynch. Yep, that David Lynch. He makes coffee! And we have it! Here's a pic of it in its natural habitat next to Callie's crystal skull.

It's not only delicious and strong, but it's organic and easy on your stomach. Plus, a portion of the proceeds from Lynch's coffee sales go directly to the David Lynch Scholarship Fund at the American Film Institute Center for Advanced Film Studies. Now that's a damn good cup of coffee...

P.S. He has a something to say about your new phone...



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