Fuck Yeah! Neil Gaiman Can Read Me to Sleep!

Neil Gaiman

Some of the peeps I heart most use Twitter to interact with their devoted audiences. One such Twitterer who has my heart a-tweepin' is Neil Gaiman, BUST's most recent Boy Du Jour. One of his fans created the most excellent image you see here, in the spirit of the equally adorbs Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling. I can't find who did it since I found it on Neil's Twitter a week or two ago, and that Neil sure does love to Tweet. (Sandman bless him!) If it's yours, speak up in the comments!

Note that this pic is from this issue of BUST, and he's wearing an incredibly righteous Amanda Palmer tee-shirt. Sigh!

You can follow Neil Himself here. Other Twitterers I dig are the sweet, smart, and awesome Greg Mottola, who wrote and directed Adventureland (go see it and get smitten with Jesse Eisenberg and Martin Starr and cheer on Bella Swan herself as she navigates lust and lurve and bumper cars), Audacia Ray, the Silver Fox of my heart Dr. Drew, Diablo Cody, Royal Pink, BUST, obviously, and, oh yeah, me!

Tell us what you'd like Neil to read to you, who you follow on Twitter (or if you think it's for twits), and what makes you say FUCK YEAH! on a Friday afternoon!

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