Frozen Lemon Cup Recipe

When I was 12 my family took a trip around Italy. Aside from the beautiful sights, it was the Italian cuisine that had the most impact on me. While in Florence, we dined at a quaint, family-owned restaurant called the Scoiattolo. My brother and I had a tasty, fun dessert there that inspired this recipe for frozen lemon cups. These adorable treats can be an easy, inexpensive addition to a dinner party, or a sweet ending to a romantic meal that just might seal the deal!

Frozen Lemon Cup

Start by cutting off the top of a lemon, about ¾ from the bottom of the fruit. Make sure to save the cap! Using a hand held juicer, juice the lemon or into a fine strainer to remove any seeds and extra pulp. After diluting the fresh-squeezed lemon juice with 3 parts water to 1 part juice, add granulated sugar to taste (I add about 1 Tbsp. to every cup), depending on how sweet or how tart you like it. Whisk sugar until completely dissolved. Fill lemon with your juice mixture to a ¼-inch from the rim. Place in freezer for 3 hours, or until liquid has reached desired slushiness. Place cap on top and serve with a spoon! If you’re not a fan of lemons, you can make the same dish with blood oranges instead. [Lauren LaPenna]

Photo by Sarah Anne Ward

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