Friends Don't Let Friends See 'The Women'

The Women

The reviews are in, critics HATE 'The Women,' and I wholeheartedly agree with them. I wanted to like it. I was excited to see it. But unfortunately, what is currently being peddled to us as the film we simply MUST see with all of our girlfriends in tow, is a steaming pile of shit. Not an honest moment or genuine exchange as far as the eye can see. There aren't even any good clothes or dreamy locales to take viewers minds off the impossible script. The film is a nightmare, plain and simple. Defamer has a nice little roundup today of similar sentiments , which I will excerpt for you now to prove that I'm not just drinking haterade:

'The Women clangs with so many false moments that you practically leave the theater with tinnitus.' [MSNBC ]

'The Women isn't so much incompetent -though it has all the visual sumptuousness of a suburban rummage sale - as it is hopelessly tame and muddled. It certainly doesn't help that the movie's lead is completely lacking in the mature glamour that so entranced women filmgoers bracing for a world war, and has had so much plastic correction that her features - all but the  eyes - are immobilized (and this in a movie that sucks whatever laughs it can muster from the Botox-and-surgery subculture). Could that be Meg Ryan peering out from Goldie Hawn's face? Since I have yet to encounter a Ryan comedy in which she fails to flap her hands while pulling on or peeling off woolly socks several fetching sizes too large for her dainty feet, it must be she.' [LA Weekly ]

'Watching the high profile unveiling of The Women taking over billboards and window displays all over N.Y.C., it's hard not to be reminded of the fanfare surrounding John McCain's introduction of Sarah Palin as his pick for VP. Both are strategic attempts to court the coveted adult female demographic. Both claim to be exactly what the ladies of America have been waiting for. And both miss the mark entirely.' [Premiere

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