French Women Don't Get Flack
Rachida Dati. Photo: Pierre-Philippe, Getty Images

Rachida Dati. Photo: Pierre-Philippe, Getty Images

Simone de Beauvoir would be proud. Not only does France have a female foreign minister, but she's 43, Muslim, unmarried, and recently gave birth while refusing to name the father of her child (While the Uk Telegraph reports 'Possible candidates include a French millionaire and hotel and casino baron, and the former prime minister of another European country,' I smell sperm bank and IVF. It's not easy to get preggers at 43, especially a first pregnancy, and isn't often done without fertility treatments. Anyway, good for her). But that's not even why she's in the news lately. Instead, it's because she's not taking any maternity leave - she's just getting out of bed and going right back to work. Which I think is interesting, because for all the crap that Palin got for doing the same while governor, it seems to me that if you are a woman entrusted with such a position of power, taking maternity leave might not really be a reasonable option. I mean, would it be acceptable for a president to take a 3 month leave of absence? A Vice President? A Secretary of State? It's something to think about, especially as women of a variety of ages come into more powerful positions all over the world.

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