FREE Sex Toys. Yes, You Read That Correctly.

**UPDATE: We have our winners! Thanks for playing, everybody!

May is National Barbecue Month, Blood Pressure Month, Hamburger Month, and Bike Month, but most importantly, and amusingly, it's also National Masturbation Month! We're long-time advocates of self-love, so we're happy to publicize this holiday (though we celebrate it all year, not just in May). Buying a vibrator used to require a trip to the nearest sexy-times emporium, but recently, sex toys have been going mainstream. You can now buy all sorts of pleasure enhancers at places as mundane as the drugstore or grocery store. But today, we're going to save three lucky readers a trip to their local CVS. If you're the 10th, 20th, or 30th reader to email submissions@bust.com, you'll win a LifeStyles a:Muse Personal Pleasure Massager. According to the good folks at LifeStyles, this 3-speed massager "features a sensual shape that follows a woman’s curves and enhances stimulation through caressing and massaging all external areas of the body." Use it freely on your own external areas this month, and all months of the year.

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