Frances Bean Cobain: Fashion Femme Fatale

For those of you who remember the day Frances Bean Cobain was born (like me), be prepared to feel a leeetle old. Lil’ FB is now lookin’ like a grown-ass woman, and in this photo shoot she did with former Dior Homme/YSL designer Hedi Slimane, she pretty much owns the camera. I know Kurt and Courtney are her parents and all, but it still freaks me out a little how much she looks like both of them. A whisper of the past in the face of the future. And hot damn, them are some good-lookin’ genes. Go to Hedi's site for the whole smoldering shoot. I love this little bean! (When you're done being wowed by Frances, scroll down on Hedi's page, cause he's also posted some beautifully striking shots of Amy Winehouse.)

I'm kind of in love with all of FB's ink, and eagle-eye Henzel pointed out that the portrait on her back seems to be an homage to Quentin Crisp!

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