FOX News Says Dinosaurs' Own Farts May Have Caused Extinction

Talk about silent but deadly. This is without a doubt the best piece of journalism to grace any of my news feeds today. According to FOX News, dinosaurs "may have farted themselves to extinction." What follows reads just like a piece from the Onion, but, dear BUSTies, we think this is FOX taking a stab at a real news story. 

Rejecting the asteroid and volcanic activity theories, FOX presents "British scientists" Graeme Ruxton and David Wilkinson, who figured out just how much gas those pesky reptiles were passing. Apparently it amounted to 520 million tons of methane a year, which is "comparable to current natural and man-made emissions of the greenhouse gas" and would have increased the earth's temperature and slowly but surely led to the dinosaurs' own demise. 

Imagine the size of a burrito big enough to give a T-rex 520 million tons of gas.

That'd be a really big burrito. Chipotle, take note.


Image source foundshit.com

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