Former BUST Intern gets Shout-Out on Worn Fashion Journal!

We have all read and loved her posts here on the BUST blog, as well as her keen eye for fashionable detail. We have probably even spent more than what is considered a healthy amount of time on her fashion blog, the Rebel Waltz, as she captures street styles from places like New York City, Austin, and San Francisco. But, we aren't the only ones who are taking notice. Former BUST intern Kristina Uriegas-Reyes is attracting some outside attention these days and, of course, we have to let you all know (so you can stalk her more than you already do).

Kristina recently caught up with Anna Fitzpatrick of Worn Fashion Journal for a short interview. Here she gives us the lowdown on her style and even reveals some of her fictional fashion icons. Read it now!

Photo from Kristina's personal style blog, Twee Valley High.

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