Former Bust Intern Co-Designing a Dress for Lady Gaga

Former Bust intern, Buffi Jashanmal, was one of the designers called in to help design seven dresses for Lady Gaga’s upcoming music video. Avant-garde fashion label House of Diehl was asked to make the dresses in only five days, and Buffy was called in to help complete the nearly impossible task. Some designers pay up to $100,000 for Gaga to wear their clothes, so this is a huge deal for unknown fashion designers looking for a big break.

The designers weren’t given any details about the video, which will be for a song off Gaga’s new album, “Born This Way”. There is also no guarantee that the dresses will be used for the video, but the opportunity to be in a Gaga video must be all worth it. Congrats Buffi! Read the full article here.


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